Retirement Living Myths

26 February 2021

Not sure if a retirement community is for you? Before you decide, let us bust a few myths to help you separate fact from fiction.

Myth 1: Retirement communities are full of sick old people

Let’s start with the most common myth, which is in desperate need of being debunked. There is a huge difference between a retirement community like The Breeze Point Lonsdale (where people are independent, active, and mostly able to care for themselves) and residential age care homes (where people are no longer able to care for themselves).

The Breeze residents enjoy an active, social and fulfilling life with a pool, gym, lounge and bar right on their doorstep, plus a bowling green, library, art studio and cinema. There is also an inhouse hairdresser, concierge staff six days a week, and a community bus for your convenience. Living at The Breeze is not about being a certain age, but about pursuing the lifestyle you are looking for.

If the time comes where you need a little bit of extra support, we have you covered. With 24-hour emergency call systems in all homes, regular allied health service visits to the community, and home care support if required, you can stay living independently in your own home for as long as possible.

Myth 2: You can only live in a retirement community if you are retired

We can see why this one is easily assumed, as the name ‘retirement community’ does suggest that you must be retired to live in one. However, this is not the case at all. Many of our residents are semi-retired or even still working full time with a view to retire in the future. If you want to keep working full or part-time, contracting or volunteering

then you are still most welcome to do so at The Breeze. All we ask is that you do not run a business from your residence.

Myth 3: Retirement community homes are expensive and small

Of course, cost and size vary between different retirement communities, but at The Breeze, you will find our homes are more affordable and spacious than you might think. Did you know that our architecturally designed two- or three-bedroom villas start from just $545,000, and they feature two bathrooms, a butler’s pantry, walk-in wardrobe and a private patio? Most also have a study and a double garage.

At The Breeze, you can enjoy all the benefits of downsizing, without having to sacrifice any of the things you love. Our homes are low maintenance, with front gardens, gutter cleaning and external painting all taken care of by the Sencia team, so you have plenty of spare time for the things you enjoy. If you still want to continue gardening, there are two edible gardens, a beautiful rose garden and a citrus grove for you to get involved in. There is even a community workshop for any tinkerers.

Myth 4: There is no privacy and you are expected to socialise all the time

With so many facilities, activities, and groups at The Breeze, we understand that it could be a little bit overwhelming at first. However, it is all completely optional, and you can choose to get involved in as much or as little as you like.  Privacy is always respected by other residents and staff, who understand and share the same wish for an unintrusive environment.

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